Robotic inspection for Power Generation & Distribution

Increase safety, inspection efficiency, and uptime
in thermal, nuclear, hydro, solar, and wind facilities.
More Safety

Reduce exposure to hazards

More Data

Detect problems earlier

More Value

Better insights maximize asset performance

Transforming power generation & distribution inspection

ANYmal addresses key inspection challenges and can improve uptime, enhance safety, and optimize inspection and maintenance. Automated inspection capabilities, even in complex facilities and extreme weather, make it an ideal solution.

Power Generation

Inspection challenges include safety risks, aging infrastructure, complexity, regulatory compliance, downtime concerns, remote locations, and labor shortages. ANYmal improves safety, increases plant availability, and reduces unplanned shutdowns.
Corrosive, gaseous, high-temperature, and radioactive areasContinuous monitoring and early anomaly detection
Seamless integration with existing systems

Power distribution

High-voltage system inspection has many limitations. Factors include inefficient manual data collection, challenging environmental conditions, and regulatory compliance. ANYmal delivers scalable, automated inspection capabilities to all kinds of distribution facilities.
Outdoor, indoor, offshore, and in adverse weather conditionsAutomated inspections during operation and while energized
Real-time data for optimized predictive maintenance
ANYmal inspection pipeline

ANYmal and photorealistic digital twin enhance power plant inspections

Boost inspection accuracy, simplify deployment, and improve asset monitoring through advanced integration and digital twin technology.

ANYmal conducting routine inspection missions at RTE’s Campus Transfo facility.

ANYmal monitors high-voltage
transmission at RTE

Through scheduled, autonomous inspections, early detection of problems can reduce equipment failure.

Minimize dull, dirty, dangerous
and distant work

With its industry-grade ruggedness, ANYmal is suitable for tough working environments and can take over routine inspections in your brownfield facilities from day one.

Automated routine inspection

Monitor asset in operations, identify thermal anomalies, detect gas presences, and create 3D reality capture.

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Mobile, autonomous and integrated

An end-to-end inspection solution for complex facilities, that integrates with your operation.

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Works on wet and bumpy terrain

Four-legged locomotion, based on reinforcement learning, enables robust maneuvering in challenging environments.

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We are trusted by

For RTE, the objective was really to evaluate, in representative situations, the first possibilities and the technological maturity of the autonomous inspection robotic solution.
Jean-Yves Astic, 
R&D Program Director, RTE

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