Meet ANYmal
your new inspector

A robust, autonomous, agile inspection
solution with ready-to-go high quality sensors

A tough robot for demanding

Industrial-grade and IP67

Purpose-built for intricate industrial plants. Ruggedized design, impact protection, dust and waterproof (IP67 rated) for all-weather operation.

Turn-key inspection suite

Fully integrated visual & thermal cameras, ultrasonic microphone, powerful LED spotlight and Lidar. Payload expandable to suit inspection requirements.

AI-based mobility and autonomy

ANYmal’s smart capabilities enable data collection in complex facilities autonomously and safely and the integration into existing operation systems.
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Super-human senses

ANYmal is a ready-to-use platform with a standard, pan-tilt payload that creates value from day one.
Visual Camera
20× optical zoom for clear long-distance images and videos in 4K resolution.
Thermal Camera
Precise temperature readings in a range of -40–550°C without physical interaction.
Pan-tilt Unit
High-range motion of the payload (+/- 90° vertical, +/- 165° horizontal) for quick and efficient readings.
Strong light of maximal 3790Im supports visual inspections in the dark.
Ultrasonic Microphone
Record acoustic measurements in audible and ultrasonic frequencies (0—384kHz).
Lidar Scanner
360° environment scanning for localization and reality capture.

Custom sensors for additional
inspection requirements

ANYmal can carry an additional 10 kg payload and integrates with the listed solutions for gas sensing and high-precision 3D scanning.

Gas Sensor - ANYmal

Detect gas presence

ANYmal and ANYmal X can be customized with a gas sensing payload that integrates with the robot control UI and enables continuous detection of combustable and toxic gas.

High-precision reality capture

The Leica BLK ARC integrates with the ANYmal user interface. Capture accurate 3D point clouds and panoramic images during regular inspection missions.

Mobile in complex facilities

AI-based mobility for navigating complex,
multi-floor plants made for humans.

Safe on open
grated stairs

Crawl in low positions

Works on wet and
bumpy terrain

Automatic docking

ANYmal takes smart action at low battery status and connects to a docking station to recharge.

Range extension

Expand ANYmal’s inspection reach by setting up multiple docking stations along the routes.

ANYbotics docking station



battery run-time



for 70% quick charge



for full charge

Hardware built for safety

ANYmal’s hardware design is safety-centric and compliant with international standards.


FCC, CE and Anatel compliant

ANYmal technical specifications

360° vision

ANYmal navigates safely and precisely with a 360° Lidar, 6 depth cameras, and 2 optical tele-operation cameras.

0.75 m/s

Normal walking speed

2 km

Walking range (90 – 120 min) per charge

Built-in WIFI & 5G/LTE

Operates with and without connectivity

2× Intel i7 Core

Powerful and flexible edge computing powered by 8th gen. Intel 6-core processors

More than a robot

Charger, docking station, ruggedized tablet for remote control, transportation box

André Kubitzky
Regular thermal readings helped to reduce maintenance interventions and increased production uptime by 1.5% directly attributable to ANYmal.

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