Robotic inspection for for rail transport

Maximize maintenance efficiency and decrease
component consumption with automated inspections.
More Safety

Reduce exposure to hazards

More Data

Detect anomalies early and improve predictive maintenance

More Value

Better insights maximize asset performance

Transforming rail transport operations

Safe railroad operation requires regular precise inspections at low and high elevations, often outside operating hours. ANYmal conducts hundreds of autonomous inspections daily in complex structures, even in complete darkness, ANYmal increases the safety and efficiency of visual inspections and train reliability.
Predictive maintenance helps reduce material consumption, making ANYmal an ideal solution for the rail transportation industry.

Rolling stock

To ensure safety, reliability, and efficiency, rail operators must deal with fleet inspections, frequent checks, accessibility to remote areas, technology integration, regulatory compliance, interoperability, and the risk of human error.
In this environment, ANYmal ensures increased safety, greater availability of rolling stock, and automated inspections.
Corrosive, gaseous, high-temperature, and radioactive areasImprove safety for human operators
Continuous monitoring and anomaly detection


Inspecting rail infrastructure is challenging due to extensive networks, remote locations, frequent inspections, diverse components, safety concerns, weather impacts, and technological integration.
Advanced autonomous inspection solutions such as ANYmal and predictive analytics are invaluable to overcoming these challenges.
Frequent monitoring of infrastructure healthDecrease components consumption
Automated inspection, predictive analysis and actionable insights

railCare enhances safety and efficiency with ANYmal

Equipped with high-resolution cameras and sensors, ANYmal detects minor cracks and signs of wear on the wheel axles – problems that are often invisible to the human eye.

ANYmal robot climbs underneath a train

Exploring the future of train maintenance

ANYbotics partnered with Stadler Service to explore the potential of mobile robots to increase the efficiency and quality of routine inspection and maintenance of rolling stock.

Minimize dull, dirty, dangerous
and distant work

With its industry-grade ruggedness, ANYmal is suitable for tough working environments and can take over routine inspections in your brownfield facilities from day one.

Automated routine inspection

Monitor asset in operations, identify thermal anomalies, detect gas presences, and create 3D reality capture.

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Mobile, autonomous and integrated

An end-to-end inspection solution for complex facilities, that integrates with your operation.

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Works on wet and bumpy terrain

Four-legged locomotion, based on reinforcement learning, enables robust maneuvering in challenging environments.

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