Monitor Ex-zones with
ANYmal X

Bring automated inspection to Oil & Gas and Chemical operations
for improved safety and plant performance, and increased uptime

ATEX/IECEx certification & legged robot mobility

Industrial-grade & Ex-proof

A rugged, impact-protected robot for demanding environments, engineered for intrinsically safe use in explosive atmospheres and dust- and waterproof for operation in all weather conditions.

Up and down industrial stairs

ANYmal X’s four-legged AI-based mobility enables safe manoeuvring in complex, multi-floor facilities.
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Autonomous data collection

ANYmal X’s smart capabilities enable autonomous data gathering and integration into existing operation systems.
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Ex-proof up to Zone 1 IIB

Large areas of Oil & Gas and Chemical plants are classified Zone 1 and require certified equipment to avoid potential ignition or hot permits. Intrinsically safe ANYmal X brings robotic inspection to these areas.

ATEX & IECEx certified up to Zone 1 IIB

Ex-protection: 1-month-tight pressurized body and patented actuator design

Complies with CE directives for industrial deployment

IP67: Water and dust ingress protection

Ex-proof partners - ANYmal
Ex-proof up to Zone 1

Certified for up to Zone 1 where inflammable gases are likely to occur

Designed for complex facilities

Superior mobility, proven offshore and on fixed and floating platforms.
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Safe on open grated stairs

In and out of
cramped spaces

Works on slippery
and bumpy terrain

Super-human senses

ANYmal X is a ready-to-use platform with a standard, pan-tilt inspection payload that creates value from day one.
Zoom Camera
20x optical zoom for 4K long-distance images and videos.
Thermal Camera
Precise temperature readings in the range of -10° to +400°C
Pan-tilt Unit
High-range motion of the payload (+/- 90° vertical, +/- 165° horizontal) for quick and efficient readings.
Support visual inspections in low-light conditions.
Record acoustic measurements in the audible frequency range.
Lidar Scanner
360° environment scanning for localization and reality capture.

Gas sensing integrated

Detect combustable and toxic gas concentrations and trigger preventive measures. Gas detection warnings increase safety during in-zone robot control.

ANYmal X continuously measures gas concentrations using the optional gas sensor payload. Operators can control ANYmal X remotely to identify the source of an irregularity rather than sending workers into potentially dangerous situations.

Gas sensing payload

Hardware built for safety

ANYmal’s hardware design is safety-centric and compliant with international standards.

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FCC and CE compliant

Anymal X Early adopters

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ANYmal X technical specifications

360° vision

ANYmal navigates safely and precisely with a 360° Lidar, 6 depth cameras, and 2 optical tele-operation cameras.

1 m/s

Normal walking speed

1.5 km

Walking range (60-90 min) per charge

In-built WIFI & 5G/LTE

Operates with and without connectivity

2× Intel i7 Core

Powerful and flexible edge computing powered by 8th gen. Intel 6-core processors

More than a robot

Charger, docking station, ruggedized and Ex-proof tablet for remote control, transportation box

Iskandar Al-Thani Mahmood
Having ANYmal X Ex-certified up to Zone 1 will really enable us to bring the robot very close to our process area, and that’s where you create value.
Iskandar Al-Thani Mahmood, 
Manager (Robotics)

Redefining robotics

Achieving the Ex-certification of a light-weight, highly mobile robot, required effectively redesigning the industry protocol: from the pressurized main body, to protecting all system against gas ignition, to developing a unique thermal management system. Meet the engineers behind ANYmal X and learn more about the development of an Ex-proof inspection robot.

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