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A ready-to-use solution and efficient onboarding
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Operator training, robot set-up, and coaching

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Immediate data insights and continued optimization

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Improved asset performance and increased safety

Effective onboarding for short time to value

The ANYmal onboarding process ensures rapid commissioning and focus on relevant use cases. With experience from hundreds of operational deployments, the ANYbotics field team is committed to your success.

Online ANYbotics Academy for initial and refresher training

Field team certified for offshore, hazardous environments, and nuclear plants

Continued coaching and on-site service

Upfront consultations to define clear use cases and ROI models

Easy ANYmal onboarding

ANYmal operator training for non-engineers

ANYbotics Academy and onsite training ensure safe and competent robot operation by any trained personnel – no engineering background required.

Create or use existing 3D map for installation

Virtual setup with 3D CAD/BIM model

Process Location

Simulation and on-site

Setup & Testing Duration

1 Day

Import your existing CAD models and perform realistic simulations of your inspection missions and software integration before the robot arrives at your facility. With the simulation you can test missions, mobility at key locations, data integration and save installation time on-site.

On-site setup at your industrial facilities

Process Location


Setup & Testing Duration

2 Days

Guide the robot through your facilities and capture your inspection points to plan a mission on-site. The robot will remember the tasks and autonomously repeat the inspection routines.

Intuitive robot deployment

The ANYbotics Workforce App enables any trained plant personnel to operate ANYmal from any device. Workforce allows operators to set up and review missions, reducing deployment time to a few hours.

Intuitive robot 
deployment - ANYbotics

Automated end-to-end

Automation and digitization through operational integration into existing asset management systems.
Automated end-to-end Integration
Robot and fleet management via dedicated asset management platforms and digital twinsAutomated inspection data and analysis reports through end-to-end workflows
Effective data security through risk assessments security controls, and software and firmware updates
Integrates with

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